Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunflower Birthday

No January birthday's at work so started on the February birthday cards.  This is one of the three cards.  I used a stamp from the Be Fabulous set from Red Rubber Designs, put various water color markers over the design, stamped it, cut it out and layered.  I thought it made a bright cheery card.  I would appreciate photography tips, the background is a white white, it is a bit dark out as we got about a 1/2" of snow but my pictures don't seem as good as others I see.  Any websites  or places for tips that anyone can offer?


Glittered Paws said...

Great cherry card - I never got that stamp - but love it with the watercolor markers. I am NOT the person to give tips about photography, Pats pics are always awesome.

Patti J said...

This will bring a smile to someone's face - cheery for sure! Love the layout! Hmmm....I'm not sure about your photos. If my card is a light colored base, I always photograph it on a dark background, and if it's a dark card base, I photograph it on a light background. It's better to have a very well lit spot and leave your flash off, to avoid reflection. Other than that, I'm not sure! Great card, my friend :) See you next month!