Monday, September 1, 2014

Unique Blog Hop


Today I have a special post; it is a Unique Blog Hop that I was invited to take part in by my friendShirley Hotop. Shirley is not only an amazing artist but a dear friend for over 32 years when we first met working together as RN’s.  You can be inspired by her creations on her blog, Glittered Paws, perfectly named as her pets enjoy lounging in her craft room and wear glitter well.  I will be sharing things about myself that many of you may not know about me.

1.       What am I working on

I am currently working on favors for my nieces wedding reception in October.   It is a small, intimate wedding with the reception at their favorite winery (which explains the theme of the favors) My niece and her fiancé were over two weekends ago to ski, have lunch, and see the options. Her parents and my oldest son joined us.  We had a lovely day.  The final choice was between the cork with the flowers and the magnet.  The final choice was the magnet as they felt it was most practical and people would keep and use it.  Did you have a favorite?

1.       My Style? What inspires me?
I am told my style is a “simple, elegant”.  I do not feel I have a specific style. I enjoy trying different techniques and especially different folds. I gave instructions for the last few techniques I have tried as most are much easier than they look and hoped to encourage others to try them. I got such positive comments from that that I will continue to do that.  

            Inspiration, I like to browse Pinterest and blogs for special folds and techniques.

 1.       Where did it all start and why do I create?  
I went to a Stampin Up party 16 years ago and I was totally hooked.  I booked a party, and Shirley came insisting she was not going to buy anything and she was hooked.  She had an Angel Company party and became a demonstrator.  I went to a TAC convention with her and immediately signed up to be a demonstrator, such an amazing spirit in the group. Those were wonderful years sharing my passion with others, and forming many friendships that still exist beyond the closing of the Angel Company in 2011. A group of us have an annual stamping weekend at Shirley’s house when her husband goes fishing and all bring a shoe box projects.  Is a wonderful w/e we all look forward to.  My mom and talented stamping buddy, who is 84, is one of the group.

I create for several reasons, joy and relaxation.  Making cards bring me relaxation and happiness but I do not create just for me.  My creating started out as a passion and outlet for myself and then over the years it changed.  A few years ago I wanted to do something positive with my cards. I know birthday cards bring joy to most recipients but I wanted to do more. A few years ago I became a Chemo Angel. I send a card a week to a person while they are undergoing Chemo.   I also send  cards to chemo patients who need an "extra" boost . Thanks Shirley for encouraging me to do this.

1.       How does your creative process work? 
As I mentioned above my creative process usually starts by my picking out a stamp that fits for the recipient.  I might have a sketch or special fold.  If I’m using Copics I pick out a patterned paper or two and I just see where I go.

 Next week you will be introduced to  Laura N. aka The Crafty Sister.  Laura was also an Angel for The Angel Company and is known for her amazing coloring skills and is on several design teams.  You will be introduced to her beautiful creations next Monday, September 8 and I know you will be amazed.

Monika at Creative with Monika was going to be introduced also but family issues will prevent her from doing a write up but you will not want to miss looking at her amazing work.  She is also on several design teams and you will be amazed at her creations also.

Be sure to visit Shirley's amazing blog also: Glittered Paws.

These are just three of the many online friends that inspire and challenge me in my creativity everyday, thanks to all of you that create and give me inspiration!




Loz said...

All your cards are Fantastic Donna..The favors for your Niece's wedding are gorgeous and yes a magnet would be perfect as people would use it later..Loz

Glittered Paws said...

How nicely done your presentation - love the wedding favors and a surprise picture of "us" at our get together. I am so ready for a get together really soon. You are a great bestie to share creative/fun/crazy time with. Thanks for taking part in this unique blog hop.

Monika Reeck said...

I lost my comment....I was copying it ..if you get two times please deleted one dear Donna.

Donna...many thanks for introduce me but really I am sooo sorry that my MIL condition makes me not so easy to play on my Blog...I sometimes try to steal the time to make a card to make me still ALIVE will feel also sad if your MIL or someone close to you sick and dont know how long she will leave after today...

I think you are clever to choose a design paper first then colored with copic...I am not like you I colored then oooo ooo no DP that fit with my Image then...hmmm probleme..

Donna..I wanna say many many many thanks the envelope come today wooowww 25 August you sent and today come its only 6 know I was ordering a stamp from USA it was sent at 18 August and I just get that stamp at 28 August, sometimes crazy post to germany I mean so slow...again MANY thanks dear Donna I will tell your name on my post if I use one of the paper you sent me...hugs and kisses, Monika

Anonymous said...

Love your presentation and the basket of flowers. How neat to show
our stamping weekend. You are a great stamping partner and sweet and loving daughter and friend. Mom

Patti J said...

Beautiful favors, Donna! I love the wine bottle and grapes - so pretty! What a surprise to see our photo! This hop has been so much fun - I've enjoyed reading all about you, my friend! Thanks for sharing :)

KT Fit Kitty said...

It was fun to read all about you, Donna! I enjoyed this! I think it's wonderful what you do with the chemo angel cards! I love all the projects you showcased too! I think all the wedding favours look amazing and I could not pick a favourite. Have a wonderful day, my friend!

Diane said...

Donna I love the way you presented yourself on this unique blog. The samples of your work are indeed elegant which I see as your style. Thank you for getting me into the stamping world! Our weekends are so much fun. Can't wait for the next one. I love the wine favors, and agree with the magnet idea. So creative. Thanks for your inspiration.

StampinCarol said...

Great post! Love seeing those in this Unique Blog Hop's answers and how we all have a love for paper crafting! Great wedding favors and I think my fave is the magnet. Hope you have a GREAT day!

Pia S said...

It's really nice to read about you and your creative history!

Asha said...

A beautiful post, Donna. I am in awe of contribution to the Chemo Angels - a selfless and thoughtful gesture. Well done!
hugs, Asha

Monika Reeck said... new post on your everything okay with you...hope too..please reply me short if everything is okay Donna...I just miss to see your new post with new card..hugs, Monika

Shirley-Anne Barber said...

Hi Donna
interesting post and aren't these blog hops a wonderful way to get to know more about crafting buddies ? Love your cards shared and thanks for calling into my room .
hugs Shirley-Anne

Darnell J Knauss said...

This was very well written, Donna! I enjoyed getting to know you better through your interview with yourself and you did it much more succinctly than I did, lol! Thanks especially for sharing the photo of your group and your mom! How blessed you are to share this wonderful hobby with her! Hugs, Darnell